Team of Experts

The mindfulness curriculum is taught by a qualified team of Mindfulness Specialists at both of ASB campuses here in Bangkok. Our Mindfulness Specialists are dedicated mindfulness practitioners, and have received training from various international organizations, such as Mindful Schools (US), as well as the Mindfulness in Schools dot-B program (UK).
In addition to skills brought by our team of Mindfulness Specialists, all of our teachers and staff have the ability to attend regular Professional Development courses and seminars on how to integrate mindfulness in their classrooms and personal lives. Once a year, we offer a weekend mindfulness retreat that allows teachers to experience an immersion-style learning experience, where they go can more deeply into practice by cutting out a majority of their daily-life distractions (such as email, facebook, and news sites.

Dr. Peggy Rowe-Ward

Dr. Peggy Rowe-Ward

Dr. Peggy Rowe received her EdD in Education with an emphasis in Counseling Psychology. She has been active in teaching educators at the university level and with school systems in the USA and in Thailand. She is a Senior Dharma Teacher in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. Peggy and Larry are co-authors of “Love’s Garden: A Guide to Mindful Relationships.”


Dr. Larry Ward

Dr. Larry Ward

Dr. Larry Ward received his Ph.D. in Philosophy with an emphasis in Buddhist Studies and Neuroscience. He has lived and worked in over 25 countries. Larry has supported the implementation of mindfulness programs in schools in Thailand and the Universities in the USA. In addition, he provides executive consulting to selected business. He is a certified “Search Inside Yourself” instructor and is a Senior Dharma Teacher in the tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.




Dr. Shira Teng

Dr. Shira Teng received her PhD in Education with an emphasis in Educational Leadership. She has taught mainly in two areas, early years and Chinese language teaching. Dr. Shira has been actively practicing mindfulness and supporting teaching students at the ASBGV campus since 2019. She also received training from ICF, International Coaching Federation, and is working on the PCC level. Dr. Shira is passionate about mindfulness coaching and is operating the Mindful Coaching Center in order to support students, parents, staff, and teachers. She will also be supporting the director of MAA to offer training/workshops to educators in Thailand and in Asia in the future.



 Allen Saakha

 I have been practicing Mindfulness for almost five years.   As educators,   we often lack social-emotional strategies for dealing with the stress and   emotional intensity of the job, which may  Diminish effectiveness as a   teacher.    By practicing mindfulness techniques, my level of self-   compassion increased, and I noticed a decrease in  In psychological ills   such as anxiety, stress, fatigue, and burnout.  I also enjoy teaching   mindfulness classes for my students because they help improve   students' attention, emotion regulation, and learning.