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 Mindfulness Trainings

The Mindfulness  Show by The Mindfulness Academy of Asia

The Mindfulness show, created by the Mindfulness Academy of Asia in association with the American School of Bangkok, features students asking important questions from experts about real-world issues and current events.


Episode 1 - Meet the Happy Doctor
ASB seniors meet with Dr. Ketchai Suavansri or Dr. John, a neurologist in Bumrungrad Hospital, to ask questions about the brain and common social and emotional issues among teens.
Guest: Dr. Ketchai Suavansri



Episode 2 - Royal Thai Air Force
The American School of Bangkok Green Valley students interviewed Group Captain Suebpong Sataman, Vice Spokesperson for the Royal Thai Air Force, about the military operation to combat the recent PM 2.5 pollution crisis.
Guest:Group Captain Suebpong Sataman



Episode 3 Part 1 - Let's Sing Together Reflection
Ms. Nisanart Dharmaghesrirattana talks to the student performers of the Thai-Chinese Cultural exchange concert “Let’s Sing Together”, about their experiences as a performer, what they learned from those experiences, as well as the mindful methods they used to help cope with negative emotions, such as stress, nervousness, and anxiety.
The “Let’s Sing Together” concert was a partnership between The American School of Bangkok, the Yun-nan Province Government in China (comprising of 14 cities), and the Cultural Department of China in Thailand. The purpose of the ‘Let’s Sing Together’ concert was to increase cohesiveness between Thailand and China through development of a strong cultural exchange between both countries.



Episode 3 Part 2 - Let's Sing Together Reflection



Episode 4 - Reaching for the Stars

Ms. Nisanart Dharmageisirattana along with parents, teachers, and students of the American School of Bangkok Green Valley Campus talked to Dr. Brian Perkins about how they can have a successful education and how they can discover their passion in life that will become their careers.

Dr. Brian K. Perkins is Director of the Urban Education Leadership Programs at Columbia University Teachers College. He is the former Chair and Professor of Education Law and Policy at Southern Connecticut State University. As Chair, Dr. Perkins successfully led his department through the accreditation and licensure of the university’s first doctoral program. Dr. Perkins was an instructor at the Yale University Department of Chemistry and was awarded the distinguished teaching award for instruction in Inorganic Chemistry Problems. He has served as a consultant to school districts throughout the U.S., Brazil, Israel, Thailand, the People’s Republic of China, India, The Republic of South Africa and the Republic of South Africa.