The Mindfulness Academy of Asia offers training to students, parents, educators, and business leaders self-development and well-being, sports and movement areas. The trainings are aimed to help individuals acquire mindful thinking, listening, and speaking skills for a happy and healthy life.


Student Assemblies

Specialists from the Mindfulness Academy of Asia work with ASB community members to organize students assemblies and meetings on a regular basis to foster school spirit among students, teachers, and administrators. The presentations at the student assemblies vary greatly from literacy exercises, pep rallies, to mindfulness activities. Themes include “What is Mindfulness?”, simple breathing exercises, mindful coloring, and writing kind notes followed by mindful walking across a taped maze to place them on the poster provided. In many activities, the upper elementary students are paired with the younger students to do activities together to learn about collaboration and how mindfulness can help them relax and increase performance in their daily school life.


Classroom Mindfulness Activities

Our team of specialists visit classrooms on a regular basis and offer opportunities to students to practice mindfulness through breathing, art, and movement.




Mindfulness and Sports

mindfulness in sportsThe Mindfulness Academy of Asia continuously offers training sessions to IPGA golf students on “The Power of Positive Self-Talk”. In such training, each student came up with their individual positive self-talk statement. Some examples are below:

  1. I’ve come this far. I can’t stop.
  2. You can do it and be proud of yourself.
  3. You will only succeed when you fail.
  4. No surrender.
  5. Forget the past, I’m moving forward.
  6. Keep smiling, learn from my mistakes, and move on.
  7. Think positive.
  8. Challenges are opportunities.
  9. When I love something, I will do it every day



mandala and mindfulness



Mindfulness and Art

In art classes, parents and students are taught simple breathing activities to calm their mind before they start drawing. They will be led by a guided visualization exercise in order to clear their minds about what emotions they would like to express and why. Understanding that art is a wonderful self- expression which ultimately leads to self- esteem, self-discovery, and an effective positive mood regulation technique.




Mindfulness and Movement

In movement classes, we stress breathing exercises that will improve physical stamina. Learners will expand their limits to better stretching, focus,   and concentration. Movement makes learning fun, improves memory and motivation. 



Weekly Adult Mindfulness Meet and Activities

Parents and educators meet our team of Mindful specialists on a weekly basis to discuss self-development, the neuroscience behind mindfulness in education, do breathing exercises and movement.



Staff Development Activities

The Mindfulness Academy of Asia organizes staff development activities at The American School of Bangkok regularly to enhance their well-being, productivity and responsibility in daily work routine.

staff mindfulness training