Mindfulness Game

Dragon Breathing
A huge component of mindfulness is learning how to control our own breathing. 
The rules of the game:

With dragon breathing, kids will sit up straight, breathe in, stick their tongue out, and breathe out like a dragon. It might feel super silly at first, but it helps to bring the idea of deep breathing down to their level!

The Ball Rolling Game 
The Ball Rolling Game!! A fun method of teaching students about the benefits of mindful practice.

The rules of the game:
Students sit quietly in a circle.They roll the balls to one another and must try their best to keep all the balls in the circle.The game ends when a ball escapes the circle. In the first round, the game lasted 12 seconds. Afterward, they all participated in a mindful breathing exercise.On the second round, the game lasted 42 seconds!! That's more than tripled the original time of the game. Mindful breathing is known to increase focus, awareness, alertness, patience, calmness, and so much more. This allows the students to perform better after completing the breathing exercise. It's a way to give the students superpowers!